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MMK Ventures Inc. ("MMK") is a U.S. based corporation formed during the first half of 2021. MMK holds and operates several web-based assets including ecommerce stores, SAAS applications and content websites.

We are planning to publish a complete list of all assets owned and operated by MMK on this website in the future.

Our Vision

Our vision is to create a portfolio of web-based assets that provide value and service oriented solutions. Naturally, our journey includes interacting or transacting with a number of stakeholders such as customers, suppliers and service providers, our team and more. We consider these groups our community as a whole. It is this community of people that we strive to serve, and serve them well. Whether it is a software tool we provide, a widget we sell or an informative article we publish, it is the people who we touch in the process that matter to us.

Our goal is not to be the largest ecommerce platform, SaaS provider or publisher of content. Our goal is to do what we do in the best way possible. Since our vision revolves around providing solutions to people, not simply buying and selling products or services, we will consider ourselves successful when our greater community labels us as the company and team that provides value with personalized attention while maintaining the greatest degree of integrity.

Our Mission

Our founder is a retired Certified Public Account ("CPA") in U.S.A. After over 35 years of serving clients in the accounting industry, he decided to follow his other passion which is anything to do with Technology. More specifically, anything to do with software applications and related services. That is how MMK came about.

The brief background about our founder is included here to show how the length and depth of his business experience is part and parcel of our vision and mission at MMK. Whether you are an accountant, an entrepreneur, a construction worker, an ecommerce or SAAS platform operator, or even an employee at a large or small company, you are always serving one or more clients. To be successful in any position, you must serve your client or customer well, which simply encompasses two key components. One is to alwasy provide them value and the second is to make sure the customer's experience matters. In short, these are the two main pillars in how we at MMK run our business and deal with all stakeholders, be it our customers, our suppliers, our employees, our employers or our community. They are all considered our customers who deserve value and attention from us. MMK's mission is to solve our customer's problem, do it extremely well and make sure they know we care about them.

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